Suite walls system__rooms


__room 01

An impressive penthouse with large sliding windows overlooking the city below. The pale shades chosen for the living area are offset by the warm tones in the bedroom provided by the alternation of the brown parquet and the grey brushed concrete slabs of the wall covering. Suite rises to the occasion and becomes the protagonist at the meeting point of the spaces assigned to the bedroom, bathroom and walk-in wardrobe: the dynamic system of partition walls organises the various spaces effortlessly, accommodating their specific functions, and allowing the light to flow through each separate area.

__room 02

An unfussy space, whose neoclassical allure and distinctly symmetrical approach underscore the symbolic aspects of bathrooms and the relationship between water and solids. Black marble is the crown for the visual perspective guided by the lines of the stone flooring and forming a large niche for the white marble cylinder- washbasin at the centre. On each side of the niche, the symmetrical design of Suite’s satin gold profiles underscores the style of the space, elevating the overall look of the room to an almost monumental dimension.

__room 03

A large bathroom awash with light pouring in through the floor-to-ceiling windows; internal walls clad in candid white Carrara marble and the contrast of the long planks of dark wood parquet flooring. A long niche accommodates the shower and WC, kept separate from the central area where the washbasins and large free-standing bathtub are fitted by the Suite wall: panels of satin glass with a gold finish frame offer privacy without blocking the light.

__room 04

The interior design for the bedrooms of an elegant boutique hotel puts the focus on the neutral tones of beige and on the use of warm and natural materials, bringing together the pale wood of the parquet flooring and the hemp curtains with the soft and delicate colours of Suite. The chosen system is a version with lacquered glass in the same colour as the curtains, combined with an enamelled RAL 1014 ivory frame. Suite stretches across the full wall, separating the main bedroom area and the bright bathroom with its large windows overlooking the city, with elegant simplicity.

__room 05

The basic features of Suite include its capacity to achieve the optimum use of the open space room configurations that are increasingly popular in modern homes, and make them feel cosier. The addition of the walls system makes the space seen here feel cosier and more like a home, without impeding the flow through the spaces or blocking the light in the rooms. The shower and WC are accommodated in a sort of “cubicle” and screened away from sight by the large, floor to ceiling panels in grey satin glass and clear glass, set into a frame with a copper satin finish.

__room 06

The elegant look of Suite allows the most private and intimate areas of the bathroom to be revealed instead of hiding them away, emphasising their value as elements of quality in the room. In this case, the shower area is considered a volume whose clean and unfussy lines underscore the link between the bedroom and the bathroom. The shower and the sanitary ware are independent and located in separate areas by coordinating elements: large panes of clear Securplus glass laminated with steel mesh.