The reasons behind the creation of this partition wall system for bathrooms and bedrooms
<b><i>Answers provided by Elia Vismara</i></b>
Answers provided by Elia Vismara
Marketing Director at Vismaravetro

01__How did the idea for Suite come about, and how did you manage to turn an idea into an actual product?

The concept for Suite came to us when the expression of a need encountered an idea of a solution.
We had been aware for some time of an increasingly strong trend among design studios specialising in hotel contract work of opting for integrated solutions for the bathrooms in top hotels: matching and coordinating the shower enclosures with the doors leading into the area of sanitary ware or other utility areas. And then, one time I was having a chat with Sergio Castiglia and he mentioned his interest in finding an architectural solution for this demand. This combination of ideas gave us Suite, the expression of our know-how in the design of shower units, along with all the problems associated with the seal and the durability of materials used in wet rooms, combined with the sensitive design approach of Castiglia Associati, a team that has a lot of experience in definition of doors and furniture solutions.

02__How would you describe the main features of the Suite project?

Flexible, versatile, unique.
In technical terms, Suite is made up of large sheets of glass enclosed by an extremely linear frame. In order to guarantee the availability of large sizes in terms of width and height, 10 mm thick monolithic glass can be used or alternatively 4+4 laminated safety glass. This second option may appear to be a predominantly technical solution, but it actually adds to the incredible versatility of Suite’s aesthetic potential because laminated glass can be made with endless combinations of different glasses, and plastic interlayers containing metal mesh or other precious materials can also be added. As a result, there is endless potential for customisation.
It is made to measure; from small 110 cm niches to larger areas that are more than 4 metres wide. In terms of height, we set ourselves the limit of 270 cm. The beauty of Suite is that it does not need securing to the ceiling: this means there is no need to plan each individual element down to the millimetre in order to accommodate the irregularities you usually have in any ceiling. There is a system of profiles you can use to close the gap above the frame if you want a totally enclosed look.
Another interesting feature is that the doors open 180° towards the outside, so that they can be folded completely back against the fixed panel and take up less space.

03__Which materials were chosen for the system?

Suite is made up of aluminium profiles and glass sheets.
The profiles are extruded from primary aluminium alloy. The walls are framed by a linear system of profiles available in 12 different versions that can be combined with one another in order to compensate for any irregularities in the masonry walls and correct any imprecisions (walls out of plumb or uneven floors).
All the adjustments are made on the inside of the walls so that the outside of this “frame” remains clean and untouched.
There are two different types of glass: 10 mm thick monolithic tempered safety glass or laminated safety glass (SECURPLUS) made by putting two 4 mm thick sheets together.
The metal or plastic parts are all made using moulds designed by us, and always have the same finish as the rest of the wall system.

Watertight wall system for hotels, spas and home design.

04__After the very first prototype was made for the Salone, what tweaks and adjustments were added before you finally gave the go ahead for the perfect production? Will any more new features be added to the system?

The challenge we faced when we were finishing the design of Suite was to guarantee the solidity and durability of such an important structure in terms of the thickness of the glass panes and the size of the elements, without sacrificing one of the cornerstones of Vismaravetro's product philosophy: the product must be simple to install and easy to adjust. And, naturally, without losing sight of the aesthetics shared with Castiglia.
Today, Suite stands out for the range of its configurations, representing the ideal answer to demands in modern bathrooms by combining the fixed elements and the doors.
Our ambition is to create a complete system of solutions with Suite.
We expect to extend the range in the second half of 2020 by adding versions with the possibility to mount the hinged door directly onto the masonry wall. We are planning to add the option of different opening systems in 2021.
But we want to proceed step by step, consolidating our experience with well-tested solutions and pressing forward based on our know-how and consolidated experience in the field.

05__How is this project an expression of Vismaravetro’s manufacturing excellence?

Technically and aesthetically, Suite is a solution that is ""exemplary"" of the materials that are in Vismaravetro's DNA, large sheets of glass enclosed by an extremely sleek metal frame.
It also illustrates our focus on the extreme flexibility and customisation of the walls system, offering the customer a range of sizes, profiles, different types of glass, and a selection of decorations.

06__What different versions and customisation options are available with Suite?

As mentioned earlier, you could almost say that there are endless ways you can customise Suite, both from the point of view of the size, of the applications, and of the possible combinations of the glass and different profiles.

07 __What changes do you expect to see in bathrooms over the coming years, and how do you intend to accommodate these changes?

At the moment I find it very hard to anticipate what changes we should expect to see in bathrooms. As for shower units, we are seeing a polarisation in demand: on the one hand, a product made up of increasingly minimalist elements; profiles are getting slimmer or are even being fitted into the masonry walls. On the other hand, we are seeing more demand for products with aluminium frames, and these are tending to become more attractive and decorative thanks to the new finishes available on the market.
But the shapes are always very simple and sleek, shying away from any unnecessary embellishment.
Laminated safety glass is practically nowhere to be seen at the moment but it could represent a break with current convention as it offers great potential for customisation.
It will be very interesting to monitor the development of new trends, especially in markets that are parallel or distant to our market for bathroom fittings, so we can try to anticipate them or capture them in the very early stages.